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Geri's Gallery

Highway 29

Size: (H) 40 inches (W) 37 inches
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Dragonfly Life Cycle

Size: (H) 40 inches (W) 37 inches
(Both pieces shown at the 2014 International Show at Houston are close to the same size)
Studying my subject is done at the beginning of the creative process. These mysterious creatures span time from the age of dinosaurs until today and appear in all the continents except Antarctica. Historically people are often unaware that dragonflies go through three stages during their life cycle. There is so much to learn- mating habits, life spans, breeds, shapes and sizes. Most cultures have their own symbolic meanings for dragonflies. The dragonfly has a very personal meaning for me. In this piece I strived to convey our connection to this fascinating creature. I created this piece to remind us that we too have a marvelous and, sometimes, misunderstood journey.

Two Haves Make a Hole

Size: (H) 36 inches (W) 24 inches
Paper and cloth are fused and burned-out to represent how life exposes what we are made of and how mending makes us stronger than the original cloth and more precious. This quilt was part of the Pointless Sisters Holes Challenge.

Awesome Wonder

Size: (H) 50 inches (W) 45 inches
NASA photos of nebula and planets inspired this quilt. The rainbow ribbon represents the double helix DNA structure of humankind. To view our universe is to marvel at the awesome wonder.

Flowers and Flight

Size: (H) 12 inches (W) 12 inches
Hand-dyed silk and rayon create this hummingbird in flight. This 12x12 inches wall hanging was created for the Surface Design Association Members Show of 2013.

Tribute to Klee

Hand-dyed silk Art cloth done in tribute to Paul Klee for Art Mastery Program 2012.

Tuft of Flowers

A color study done for Art Mastery Program 2012. Based on a Robert Frost poem.